50 Software Q. What is the ISS Admin service? 2015-07-06

In an ISS System, you work with many IP devices, and then a group of ISS services that provide many different features and functions. You will use ISS Client to use ISS System.

All of these services are configured using ISS Setup after logging into the ISS Admin service. Typically, you would want to limit which user groups can access these configurations using ISS Setup to change the recording schedule or event schedules.

IP cameras/video encoders using ISS protocol and ISS compatible DVRs are supported in ISS Systems. Also, ONVIF and 3rd party cameras are supported by ISS Admin service.

You can have only one ISS Admin service in one ISS System. No separate per channel License is required for ISS Admin service as long as you have an ISS Recording License.

49 Software Q. Default port information used in IDIS Solution Suite 2015-07-06

Federation service: 11000

Admin service: 11001

Recording service: 11002

Streaming service: 11003

Monitoring service: 11004

Backup service: 11005

Video Wall service: 11006

Video Analytic service: 11007

Upgrade service: 10011

Video Wall agent service: 12000

48 Video Recorder Q. DirectIP NVRs with Dual FW copies in the NAND Flash memory and how it works 2015-07-06

DirectIP NVR keeps two copies of FW and NVR setup(configuration) images on its NAND memory. Usually, its first copy is used for normal operation.

Once in a while, NAND Flash Memory may fail, causing the unit to fail to boot up properly to load the Linux/NVR apps. When a DirectIP NVR detects 20 consecutive booting failures, it switches its active partition to the second copy to load the FW/setup properly. (It takes about 45sec for a full booting for DR-4/6100, DR-4/6200 series, so rebooting 20 failures will take about 15 min or so)

First, try pinhole reset and if the unit continues to reboot, wait about 15 min or so.

47 Video Recorder Q. What is the latest firmware? 2015-07-06

You can get the latest firmware from http://www.idisglobal.com/support/csdownload.

Please ask to techsupport@idisglobal.com if the release note of firmware is needed.

46 Video Recorder Q. Which NVR models are compatible with DA-ES1104(IDIS storage)? 2015-07-06

All NVR models that have an eSATA port are compatible with DA-ES1104.
IDIS provides 4 DA-ES1104 models. (DA-ES1104, DA-ES1104B, DA-ES1104C, DA-ES1104D)
Each model's compatibility varies. Please refer to Products > Accessories > External Storage

45 Video Recorder Q. Where can I check HDD compatibility of an NVR? 2015-07-06

The HDD compatibility information can be checked in HDD Compatibility.
The path is Products > HDD Compatibility

44 Video Recorder Q. Can the NVR support RAID? 2015-07-06

DR-4200 and DR-62/6300 series NVRs support the RAID 1 for redundant data protection. In addition, DA-ES1104 (IDIS eSATA Storage) can be connected to the NVR for extending the recording storage capability.

43 Video Recorder Q. Are user permissions available on the NVR? 2015-07-06

The NVR access can be protected by various authority levels; the user can add various user levels, and change them different accessing authorities. 256 users and 64 groups can be registered with various authority levels.


Please refer to manuals at Download Center of www.idisglobal.com.

NVR DR-2/4/6/8000 series manual: Configuration > System Setup > User


On the NVR, go to Setup > System > User

42 Video Recorder Q. How to adjust bandwidth throughput on an NVR 2015-07-06

Go to Settings > Network > General


41 Video Recorder Q. How to adjust an IP camera's streaming bit rate or frame rate using NVR 2015-07-06

Please refer to manuals at Download Center of www.idisglobal.com

NVR DR-2/4/6/8000 series Operation Manual(OM): Part 2 - Configuration > Camera >  Stream 

Go to Setup > Camera > Stream

The Bitrate varies depending on ips and resolution.

40 Video Recorder Q. FEN configuration guide for NVR 2015-07-06

Please refer to manuals at Download Center of www.idisglobal.com

NVR DR-2/4/6/8000 series Operation Manual(OM): Part 2 - Configuration > FEN

The content for FEN configuration in any IDIS NVR manual is applied for all the IDIS NVR series.

39 Video Recorder Q. How to enable UPnP on NVR 2015-07-06

 Go to Settings > Network > WAN > Use UPnP



38 Video Recorder Q. How to add ONVIF compliant cameras to NVR 2015-07-06

Go to Camera Registration > Scan > Third Party Scan

37 Camera Q. How to view IP cameras using a mobile phone 2015-07-06

IDIS is providing various applications to support each type of mobile phone.
There are mobile apps for iPhone, android and window phone.
Apps can be found by “idis mobile” as a searching string.
IDIS Mobile supports many features of live, play, alarm control, etc

36 Camera Q. How to apply privacy masks on an IP camera 2015-07-06

Privacy masks is a feature that masking some area where the user doesn’t want to show.
The masked area will not be shown in either live mode or playback. These areas don’t contain any image data. Only black boxes can be seen on the screen.
Up to 16 areas for privacy masking can be set on the image.