73 Video Recorder Q. How to update an NVR’s firmware? 2015-07-07
72 Accessory Q. What are the RAID mode supported by DA-ES1104? 2015-07-06

0: Striping without mirroring or parity

1 + 0: Striped set from a series of mirrored drives

5: Block-level striping with distributed parity


Please refer to the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID site for detail information.


71 Accessory Q. What is the recommended SFP module for fiber optic communication between DirecIP products? 2015-07-06

1. Recommended SFP module

-    Finisar, FTLF1318P3BTL, SFP 1.25G LX / Single Mode 1310nm 10km LC with DDM

-    Finisar, FTLF8519P3BNL, SFP 2.125G SX / Multi-Mode 850nm 500m LC with DDM


2. Compatible SFP module

-    Fottu, APS31123CDL20, SFP 1.25G LX / Single Mode 1310nm 20km LC with DDM

-    Fottu, APS85123CDL05, SFP 1.25G SX / Multi Mode 850nm 550m LC with DDM

-    Fottu, APSB35123CDL20, SFP 1.25G LX / Single Mode 1310nm (Tx) 20km LC with DDM Bi-Di Transceiver

-    Fottu, APSB53123CDL20, SFP 1.25G LX / Single Mode 1550nm (Tx) 20km LC with DDM Bi-Di Transceiver

70 Software Q. How many Backup ch license does each device consume? 2015-07-06
  • 1ch license for 1 IP camera

  • 1ch license for 1, 1ch IP video encoder

  • 1~4ch licenses for one 4ch IP video encoder, depending on how many analog cameras are using the service[1]

  • 1~16ch licenses for 1 4/8/16ch IP video encoder, depending on how many analog cameras are using the service


[1] Note that this is different from Recording ch license

69 Software Q. How many (Live) Streaming ch license does each device consume? 2015-07-06
  • 1ch license for 1 IP camera

  • 1ch license for 1 1ch IP video encoder

  • 4ch licenses for 1 4ch IP video encoder, regardless of how many analog cameras are using the service

  • 1ch license for 1/4/8/16ch DVR/NVR

68 Software Q. How many Wibu keys can I plug in one server? 2015-07-06

You can plug in up to 8 Wibu keys.

67 Software Q. Where do I plug in Wibu key? 2015-07-06

Depending on the type of license, you need to provide it to the corresponding server running its corresponding service[1]. For example, Recording ch or (Live) Streaming ch/server licenses have to be provided to the server running ISS Admin service. For Backup ch license, you need to provide it to each Backup server.

There are 3 different groups of licenses available for ISS v1.7.0.

  • Admin group

    • Recording ch license

    • (Live) Streaming ch license

    • (Live) Streaming server license

  • Backup group

    • Backup ch license

  • Federation group

    • Federation[1] ch license





[1] Typically, you will be plugging the Wibu key license to the server running the corresponding service.

66 Software Q. What is Wibu Key? 2015-07-06

Wibu key is a USB license key that comes with ISS. You always need to have the Wibu key plugged in the server running its corresponding service(s) at all times, or else, ISS System will stop working immediately.

65 Software Q. Can I use ISS systems on VPN? 2015-07-06

Yes, but the network bandwidth and network delay overhead on the VPN may become a problem. It is advised to isolate IP video stream traffic within one subnet as much as possible and limit VPN access to ISS client software for casual use only.

64 Software Q. Can I use NAT routers and WAN connection in ISS system? 2015-07-06

ISS system typically would have many megapixel cameras. If you need to access the ISS system from the WAN side, there are a few things that you need to understand:


  • IP video stream isolation

    • install all IP devices and services on one Gb LAN

    • so that all recording traffic is isolated in one Gb LAN

    • for ISS Client access, you may want to use Dynamic MultiStream Control[1] or Motion Adaptive Transmission (MAT)[2] feature if your IP camera supports it to reduce the Live watch network traffic for the IP cameras/video encoders supporting these features.

  • NAT traversal

    • External IP Address/port setup

      • you have to use ISS Service Manager on each server to configure External IP address for each service.

      • refer to ISS Service Manager section to find out how to do this

      • other ISS services or ISS Clients will use these external IP address settings if they are connecting from WAN side of the NAT router

    • Port forwarding is required for the followings:

      • Admin service (TCP 11001): for login and to get connection information for the registered ISS services and devices

      • Recording service(s) (TCP 11002): to access the recorded video. if you have multiple Recording services, you will have to use a different port for each service, and forward the corresponding port respectively

      • (Live) Streaming service (TCP 11003): to subscribe to live video streams. the target devices have to be configured to use Streaming service. If you have multiple Streaming services, then you have to use a different port for each service, and forward the corresponding port respectively

      • Monitoring service (TCP 11004): to subscribe to events, required for all event-related operations in ISS Client such as Event spot, Map, Event handling, etc

      • Video Analytics service (TCP 11007): to subscribe to VA events. Typically, you do not need to forward the Video Analytics service (TCP 11007) port because only ISS (Event) Monitoring service needs to access VA services and they are installed in the same subnet.

      • Backup service(s) (TCP 11005): to access back up video. if you have multiple Backup services, you will have to use a different port for each service, and forward the corresponding port respectively

      • Federation service(s) (TCP 11001): for login and to get connection information for the registered ISS systems




[1] You can use ISS Client to switch between different IP video streams for different layout automatically by assigning different video profiles for different IP video streams. Your IP camera/video encoder must support this feature. Check ISS Client->Preferences->Video Enhancement section to enable it.


[2] This is an IP camera/video encoder feature. IP camera/video encoders can be set to decrease the frame rate (image per second:ips) if they sense there be no video motion detected in the scene.

63 Software Q. What about Network environment for ISS? 2015-07-06

It is strongly recommended that you use a LAN environment with the Gigabit network for all your ISS systems. If you use a 100Mbps network, you can only have a handful number of IP cameras.

For example, 2MP H.264 real-time (30ips) IP video stream can reach up to 4~12Mbps. If you are recording 10 of them and trying to do live monitoring, the 100Mbps bandwidth would not be enough.

62 Software Q. Where do I install each ISS service? 2015-07-06

It depends on your budget. ISS System is very flexible in terms of where to install different services. Ideally, you may want to have one server running only one service. Typically, you will run Admin/(Event) Monitoring services on one server, and Recording, (Live) Streaming and VA services on three separate servers respectively.
But if your system is 32ch max, you may run all the services: Admin, Monitoring, Recording, Streaming on one server, and VA service on another server. VA service takes a lot of CPU resources[1]. If you are installing multiple services on one PC server, such as (Live) Streaming service and Recording service on the same PC server, you need to assign different (RTP) incoming port ranges for them. Refer to the Incoming port range in the glossary.





[1]  4 core CPU can handle up to 8ch in VA service

61 Software Q. What Port does Admin service use? and what about NAT traversal? 2015-07-06

ISS Admin service uses TCP 11001 port. If the service is behind a NAT router, you need to port forward TCP 11001 on the router, so that ISS Client and other services can connect to it.

You can configure this port number on the server running the service using ISS Service Manager.

60 Software Q. What happens if ISS Admin service crashes? 2015-07-06

All ISS client software will stop working.
(Event) Monitoring, (Live) Streaming and VA services will stop working. Backup service will stop working. Federation services will not be able to work with the ISS System with its Admin service crashed.
However, Recording service will continue to work, but it will be able to record Event-related IP video streams only for the IP devices registered to itself only. This is because, for cross Recording service boundary event associated recording, IP camera events are collected by (Event) Monitoring service and then routed through Admin service to the other Recording service. This can not be done because the Admin service is crashed.

59 Software Q. What happens if I install more than one ISS Admin service? 2015-07-06

Nothing. You are just creating a new ISS system. You will need to have a new ISS license, or it will be running in demo mode. You may be able to register IP devices, but recording may not work. Because if an IP camera using ISS protocol is registered to two different ISS Systems, Recording may not work properly because two ISS Systems will be competing to establish a recording session with the IP camera. IP cameras using ISS protocol allow only one recording connection session. The Recording service that establishes the recording connection to the IP cameras will keep the recording session. The other Recording service will keep trying to connect to the IP cameras and fail.