140 Video Recorder Q. Is there any NVR supporting IPv6? 2020-05-12

You can use WAN as IPv6 from the version of NVR below. (As of July 2020)
 The setting is available by selecting IPv6 in 'Settings-Network-WAN'.
 * IPv6 can be used only in the WAN used for remote access and cannot be set in VIN (Video IN) to register the camera.

DR-13xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-22xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-23xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-24xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-42xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-43xxP(S) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-62xxP(S) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-63xxP(S)-(S)(A) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-84xx(D) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-8364D / 6.1.0 or higher

139 Camera Q. Is it possible to connect DirectIP 2.0 protocol cameras to DR-2100/4100/6100 which only supports DirectIP 1.0 protocol? 2020-05-12

They can be connected. How to register them to the NVRs is the same as registering a camera in DirectIP 1.0 protocol.
The default is DirectIP mode. If you use Static IP, change to IDIS mode.

138 Software Q. What are the values for LDAP configuration values on IDIS Solution Suite? 2020-05-12


The attributes of LDAP are different for each product. Therefore, not all blanks should be entered, but appropriate attribute values ​​must be entered for each product used.
-If you do not know the proper attribute, you can view the attribute with the help of an LDAP administrator or through a tool such as LDAP explorer.
The description of each item is as follows.
objectClass = Enter the LDAP attribute which means the class type of object.
objectClass (user) = Enter the ObjectClass name corresponding to the ID.
uid = Enter the LDAP attribute that ISS will use as ID.
displayName = Enter the LDAP attribute that ISS will use as the name for ID. 
mail = Enter the LDAP attribute that ISS will use as the mail address for an ID.
phone number = Enter the LDAP attribute that the ISS will use a phone number for an ID. 
Groups = The ISS enters the LDAP attribute with the group information for the LDAP

137 Video Recorder Q. The user password of HD-TVI analog recorder is only 8 digits. Can I increase it more than that? 2020-04-14

From the version of the recorder model below, the user password can be set up to 16 digits.
It will be applied to the models that will be added in the future.

TDR411 / 1.7.0 or higher
HR-1204 / 1.0.0 or higher
HR-1208 / 1.0.0 or higher

136 Camera Q. Could you please explain the quantity and reasons for watch sessions being used on the NVR? 2020-04-02

Basically, NVR takes 3 watches and 1 search if one client does Live / Playback at the same time.

IDIS Center connected to an NVR will use 1 Watch session to view the live video and the monitoring service will also take a Watch connection if Device real-Time monitoring is checked. 

135 Camera Q. Could you please advise how to enable Camera-end Heatmap (without VA Box)? 2020-04-02

The Heatmap function is applied to brand new IP cameras, please check specification first before you try to set it up.
How to enable heatmap : 
 - camera menu > Event > Heatmap setting. 
But if Heatmap is used, SD Card recording feature cannot be used

134 Video Recorder Q. What are the specifications of DR-2304P's mainboard? 2020-04-02

Here are specs for DR-2304P if you need to know the following technical specifications of DR-2304P mainboard for your Project bidding : 
• Type of processor 
• Type of Memory flash
A : specification of DR-2304P
-  Model : DR-2304P 
 - Type of processor : 
   + 2 Core in  1 SoC
   + ARM Cortex A17 quad-core@maximum 1.4 GHz 
   + ARM Cortex A7 single-core@maximum 900 MHz 
- Type of Memory flash
- Type of Memory DDR
   + DDR3 2GB

133 Software Q. Why do IDIS Center crash when camera pane goes into full-screen? 2020-04-02

There has been reported the following issue :

A customer experienced IDIS Center crash on their Demo Room PC when a camera pane is clicked and got into the full-screen mode.

After the crash, the IDIS Center window was disappeared but the G2Client.exe was not terminated and still alive in the Task Manager. 
- There are two graphic adapters on our PC (Intel UHD Graphics 630 and NVIDIA GTX 1050) and we are using both adapters.
- Intel released a new device driver for Intel UHD Graphics 630 on 3/8/2019. Driver version:
This issue has been caused after a Windows update.
and after restart the PC, the Crash issue has been started.
Then I rolled back the Intel UHD Graphics 630 driver to the previous one (which is version, dated 8/2/2017)
Then it works without issue.

Reason: Graphic card driver s/w bug.
H/W acceleration decoding of GPU is totally dependent on Intel device driver and implementation, and Client S/W is just interlocked only.
There have been several such issues in the past, all of which were problems with the Intel device driver.
IDIS Center is already using the latest version, so it's not a version compatibility issue,
We have confirmed that the device driver released on a date similar to the problem-resolved device driver is also reproduced on Intel (R) HD Graphics 530.
We have checked that the latest device driver at this time, the problem did not occur,
If you use version "2019-05-28 /" or higher, We think it will work properly.
No matter how Intel/MS, the device driver is just S/W, so there may be a bug.
If this happens, please upgrade your graphics card to a non-problematic graphics card to fix the problem.


132 Software Q. Can I know CPU & RAM allocation usage when using the VMS program (iNEX/IDIS Solution Suite, iRAS/IDIS Center)? 2020-03-20

If you place the mouse pointer on the upper right signal icon of the main frame, you can check the percentage of CPU, RAM (workset), and the page file quota in real time. This feature is available on iRAS/IDIS Center v4.8.0 or higher.

131 General Q. I forgot passwords for cameras and recorders, what should I do? 2020-03-17

Please contact your local distributor or IDIS office where you bought IDIS products from.

We will guide you to find your password without losing any recorded data.


Please find the contact details for our offices from the link below.


130 Software Q. Where are the ISS event logs stored and what is the maximum file size? 2020-03-16

ISS event logs are stored on the server where each ISS service occurred. That is, ISS event logs stored on the PC where the ISS service is installed.
However, if the server is malfunctioning, the history is stored in Service manager> log. Because the server cannot save log.
The maximum file size of the event log is 256 MB.

129 General Q. How can I change protocol in DirectIP 2.0 mode ? 2019-11-08

The existing DirectIP 1.0 protocol has two modes, DirectIP mode and IDIS mode. You have to reboot the camera to change each mode.
DirectIP 2.0 protocol is a unified form of two modes. Without rebooting, the protocol can take advantage of all the advantages of DirectIP mode and IDIS mode.

In DirectIP 2.0, a camera boots up as a DHCP client looking for a DHCP server for about 40 seconds. If no DHCP server is found, it starts up with a linked-local IP address.


128 Camera Q. What is Auto Tracking and which camera models support the feature ? 2018-09-06
Auto Tracking is a feature tracing movements made by objects such as humans or vehicles.
Without manual control by a human, a camera automatically follows movements using PTZ. 
The feature is mostly used for restricted area where the movement is rarely expected. 

Supporting camera models
- DC-S3283WHX
- DC-S3283FX
- DC-S3583HRX
- DC-S3883HRX
127 Camera Q. How to make an audio connection to IDIS cameras? 2018-09-06

How to make an audio connection to IDIS cameras


H.265 supporting camera models

rtsp://"IP address: Port number"/media/trackID=90

For example, rtsp://


H.264 supporting camera models

rtsp://"IP address:Port number"/trackID="maximum number stream+1"

For example, a camera can have 3 streams "trackID" is 3, and the URL will be rtsp://

126 Software Q. What are the QR codes in NVRs for? 2018-09-06

QR codes in IDIS NVRs save time to type in an IP address or a FEN name of an IDIS NVR, when registering the NVR to IDIS Mobile.


- In IDIS Mobile, when registering a site, click QR icon on the right bottom.


- Camera is going to run to capture a QR code.

- Capture a QR code in an IDIS NVR.

- Either IP address or FEN name of the NVR will be filled out in IDIS mobile already, and give a name for the NVR and a password to finish the registration.


Simple registration using QR codes is available for registrations with both FEN and IP address.