210 General Q. Why is measured VA data different from IDIS Center ? 2021-11-03

VA Dashboard is a graph that shows the trend of problem occurrences, which means it does not represent an exact value of the events.
In other words, rather than displaying the total number of events, events that have occurred during one minute are counted as Violation 1.
If all 23 mask violation events occur within 1 minute, VA Dashboard counts them as 1.
A customer can misunderstanding about the current interval time of 1 minute has been received, and we intend to reduce it to 10 seconds.
Then, a value similar to the customer's intended result may be displayed.

209 General Q. After upgrading the firmware, the IP setting of the camera is not supported by the NVR. Why? 2021-11-03

I was able to change the camera IP settings in DirectIP 1.0 NVR.

However, please note that the IP setting function in the tool is not supported after moving to the DirectIP2.0 generation.

208 General Q. Does DC-S6283/3583/3883 meet IK10? The material of the instrument is plastic, how does it meet IK10? 2021-11-03

The reason why the customer guessed that it would be difficult to meet IK10 after checking the exterior material
It is likely that the judgment was made by looking at the plastic exterior parts.
The exterior plastic parts used in this product use a PC mixed material that can easily absorb shock, and the basic thickness of 3T is applied to prevent damage to ensure safety.

207 General Q. How to keep recorded data forever ? 2021-11-03

ISS has a Backup service module, you can use this service and back it up and store the NVR's HDD separately as replacement HDDs.

- How to configure of ISS
1. Uncheck ‘Overwrite backup data when the disk is full’ 
When assign HDD storage on Backup service, ‘Overwrite backup data when the disk is full’ should be unchecked so that Overwrite feature stop. 

2. Check ‘Notification of Disk Almost Full’ as 90%

3. When setting the backup for the first time, it is recommended to set “first / summary backup or event backup”.
This is due to the network throughput performance and h/w performance limitations of the Recorder. 

4. If the HDD is full and needs replacement, as shown in the picture below,
Make a note of the last recorded date/time before replacement, and when you connect a new HDD and reconfigure backup, you can start recording from the time you wrote the note. 

5. There is currently no function in ISS that gives an alarm when starting a new HDD recording.

206 General Q. How does ISS RTP Streaming service work ? 2021-11-03

- how it works 
 + please refer to Page. 263 on ISS v3.5 or higher version manual.
 + the traffic flows as below : 
Camera(device) > Streaming service > RTP Streaming service > RTP Client

- how to connect to it 
 + RTSP URL rule of the RTP Streaming service is as follows:

rtsp://[RTP Streaming Service IP]:[rtsp port]/
idis?trackID=[device identifier number]&
streamID=[stream index]&audio=[0 or 1]

i.e :  rtsp://

- It uses the streaming service ?
 + Yes, so NVRs and cameras must be added to Streaming service

205 General Q. When do we use 'HDD optimization' ? 2021-11-03

‘Optimization’ has two functions :

Optimization’ pre-tests whether the newly added HDD is appropriate for recording.

(+ set Buffer size, # of camera, etc)

If the result is pass, the newly HDD is appropriate for recording.

For example, if you set 32 cameras for optimization and it passes the pre-test, the HDD guarantees 32 recordings.
However, it doesn
’t guarantee over 32 cameras. It may be possible or not.


If you set 48 channels for optimization and it passes, the HDD guarantees upto 48 cameras, so you can add 16 more cameras whenever you want.

204 General Q. What is differences between intelligent codec type 2 and type 5 ? 2021-11-03

Type 2 : X-frame method
Type 5 : LongGop & ROI method 
(It is not written in the manual, so it is written as type 2,5 in the menu.)

Type 2 : Below 3 are the unit of the compression rate. The higher the compression rate means the higher the “loss compression” rate leads to lower the traffic. However, there may be a deterioration in image quality. 

203 General Q. Where does ID3916H save files? 2021-11-02

Please check C:\IDR-system\temp folder

202 General Q. License activation on Windows 8 Embedded Server is not working, what should I check? 2021-11-02

Common mistake is not setting the time properly. The server needs to communicate with Microsoft server, so the time needs to be set correctly.

201 Video Recorder Q. How to set time on ID3916H NVR? 2021-11-02

On Smartguard, right click on time bar and change time. This is the correct way to set time on the product.

200 General Q. What is VA Data Protect Duration option(NVR) for? 2021-11-02

This feature is to set the storing  period of VA data(e.g. people counting data).

199 Software Q. Will IDIS SSM mobile appliacation be obsolate? 2021-11-02

IDIS SSM mobile app will remain to support legacy devices. 

198 Software Q. What is the maximum number of Live tap on IDIS client software? 2021-11-02

1. IDIS Center(64 Bit): 4

2. IDIS Soultion Suite(64 Bit): 6 

197 Video Recorder Q. How does rebuilding process of IR-300 work? 2021-11-02

It is done auto matically, when the faulty HDD is replaced. Please note that HDD bay should be the same and the replacement HDD should be compatible with IR-300

196 General Q. Correlation among Panic recording, Recording, HDD capacity 2021-11-02

They have nothingto do with HDD capacity, Recording ratio, HDD overwrite. Recording priorities are related to recording quality.

1. Event when full-time recording : Event recording quality

2. Panic recording when full-time recording : Panic recording quality

3. Panic recording when event-recording : Panic recording quality

4. Event when Panic recording : Panic recording quality


> There is no option to overwrite 'Panic Recording' at the end. Use 'Recording data protection' function.