165 Software Q. When IDIS Solution Suite Wibukey is not recognized and the ISS works as a demo 2021-06-08

1. Remove the Wibu Key and remove the Wibu Key driver from Programs. (If the WibuKey was plugged in while installation, reinstallation will not restore it.)
2. Reboot the computer.
3. Reinstall ISS.
4. After installation is complete, plig the Wibu Key.

164 Camera Q. Do IDIS cameras support FTPS, SFTP, SCP protocol? 2021-06-08

No. These protocols are not supported.

163 Software Q. Is IDIS Solution Suite(ISS) compatible with VM Ware/Hyper-V? 2021-06-08

Yes. it does. 
VMware ESXi 6.0 is supported from ISS v2.6.0 or over. 
Hyper-V is supported from ISS v3.2.4 or over.
 - The Windows OS varies depending on the Host, Guest.
 - Hyper-V Host OS: Windows8, Windows10, Server 2016.
 - Guest OS: Windows7 SP1, Windows8.1, Windows10, Server2016. (Windows Server 2008 is not supported from ISS v3.5.0)

162 Video Recorder Q. What are the bitrates of the audio codecs IDIS products use? 2021-06-01

G711 - 64 kbit/s
ADPCM or G726(16K) - 64 kbit/s
G726(8K) - 32 kbit/s

161 Software Q. How many Camera Sequences can be added in IDIS Center? 2021-06-01

There is no limit.

160 Software Q. How many Layout Sequences can be added in IDIS Center? 2021-06-01

There is no limit.

159 Video Recorder Q. Why does WARNING sign appear in the Network Status of Video Recorder? 2021-06-01

Please refer to the Operation Manual (Part 2 - Configuration > Status Setup > Network)
The relevant sign appears when the bandwidth of the port is exceeded.

The recorder system checks whether the bandwidth is exceeded with minimal information as long as there is no load on the system.

158 Video Recorder Q. Why does 32 channel NVR not support 32 but 16 Text-In events? 2021-05-31

This is related to H/W performance limitation. The recorders have been designed to optimize for the live/recording performance, so Text-in is supported up to 16 in 32 channel recorders.

157 Video Recorder Q. Displaying camera IP addresses at the Camera Registration Page 2021-05-31

If you want to display the IP addresses of the cameras, click 'Title' once to interchange MAC to IP at the Camera Registration list.

156 Video Recorder Q. A brief description of the events related to recording in NVRs. 2021-05-31

1. Video Loss: An event that occurs when no image is input(live video session disconnected) because of the camera, network, system, etc.
2. Recording Fail: An event that occurs when the recording cannot proceed(recording stream not received and recorded) because of the camera, network, system. etc.
3. Check Recording: An event occurs when the system has been scheduled to record normally but the recording does not take place during scheduled intervals. (Unconditionally occurs regardless of schedule or event)

155 Software Q. I have separated the tabs of ISS and placed it all over the screen, so it is difficult to close the tabs. Is there an easy way to close or relocate? 2020-09-23

You can use the 'Reset Floating Tab' feature. 
When you right-click on the top of the mainframe tab and click 'Reset Floating Tab' in the context menu, you can combine either all the tabs or one by one.

154 Software Q. There are many registered users in ISS, so I would like to manage them as Excel file. Can I print it out? 2020-09-23

You can download an Excel file displaying user, group, and access authorities.
User information can be exported as XML extension file from ISS Settings-System Settings-Report.

153 Software Q. Is there a limit on the number of IDIS Solution Suite e-mail address registrations? 2020-06-22

IDIS Solution Suite has no limit on the number of registered e-mail addresses.
However, e-mail recipients may be restricted depending on the mail server settings.
For example, if you store 100 e-mail recipients in IDIS Solution Suite, but the mail server limits the number of 30 e-mail recipients to be sent at one time, only 30 e-mails will be sent.

152 Software Q. There are so many services, devices and users registered in ISS that it is hard to find and set them individually. Is there any easy way to find the registered subject? 2020-06-10

As of version 3.1.0, the auto search function has been added.
If you enter a search term in the search box which is located upper right side of the Service, Device, User tab of the ISS Setup window, the subject title corresponding to the search term is automatically completed.


<Service tab>


<Device tab>


<User tab>

151 Video Recorder Q. Can 5MP cameras connect to TR-4316(R)? 2020-06-08

4 and 5 megapixel cameras are not automatically recognized when connected to a TVI recorder, so you must manually select the mode in the camera settings. 
Each odd and even channel are grouped(1 ∙ 2, 3 ∙ 4, 5 ∙ 6, ..., 15, 16 channels work in pairs respectively), and when one channel is selected, the other channel in a group is deactivated.

As a result, half of the maximum channels in a TVI recorder in live view and playback are used. 
In the case of high-resolution analog cameras, a 16 channel TVI recorder uses 8 channels only, for 8 port TVI recorder uses up to  4 channels.