150 General Q. Which IDIS Cameras are compatible with Milestone VMS? 2020-05-26

IDIS Camera Compatibility list to Millstone VMS can be found on the web site of Millstone systems as the below images show.


Go to Milestone Systems website, and find 'Supported Devices.'


Click XProtect Corporate.


Type 'IDIS' and search.

149 Video Recorder Q. What does the LED on the front lesft side of the DR-8364 mean? 2020-05-20

Please refer to the below table. This table is from the Installation Guide.

For reference, the LED draws its signal from 'SATA / RAID controller', not HDD S.M.A.R.T. information.

148 Software Q. I am trying to upgrade Windows OS (ex.7 to 10). What happens to the license of the installed ISS? 2020-05-20

The ISS license can be used without problems. The ISS license is applied based on the hardware's mac or unique ID information.

147 Camera Q. Which cameras support DirectIP 2.0 Protocol? 2020-05-12


The following camera models support ONVIF and RTSP of the H.265 codec. (As of March 2019)
If you have a lower version, you need to change the codec to H.264 or upgrade firmware.

DC-V3213XJ / 1.3.0 or higher
DC-S3283WHX / 1.1.0 or higher
DC-D3533HRX / 1.2.0 or higher
DC-D3233HRXL  / 1.2.0 or higher
DC-T3233HRXL  / 1.2.0 or higher
DC-D4212R / 1.2.0 or higher
DC-T3C33HRX  / 2.0.0 or higher
DC-T3533HRX / 1.3.0 or higher
DC-S3833HRX, DC-S3533HRX / 1.2.0 or higher
DC-Y3C14WRX  / 1.2.0 or higher
DC-D3233HRX, DC-D3233WRX / 1.5.0 or higher
DC-T3233HRX, DC-T3243HRX / 1.8.0 or higher
DC-E4212WR / 1.2.0 or higher


146 Video Recorder Q. Is the number of resolution and camera registration number are different for each NVR model? 2020-05-12

The DR-2100 / 2200/4100/4200/6100/6200 series can reduce the number of channels that can be registered when a high-resolution camera is registered.
However, later models, DR-2300 / 4300/6300 series can register as many channels as they can.

145 Video Recorder Q. What is the difference between 'Auto deletion' and 'Limit Time-Lapse Recording' from NRV recording setup? 2020-05-12

Auto Deletion: You can automatically delete all recorded data after a certain period of time. The recorded data is automatically deleted every day at midnight, It will also be deleted if you change the automatic delete setting.

Limit Time-Lapse Recording: Among the recorded data that has passed the set days, only the data recorded by the Time-Lapse Recording is automatically deleted.

144 General Q. What are the RTSP Address URL for each products? 2020-05-12

[NVR / TVR(HD analog DVR)]


e.g) rtsp://admin:password@


[Network Camera]

rtsp://ID:password@IP Address: RTSP Port/trackID='Stream number'


* Default RTSP Port:554


143 Video Recorder Q. Can NVR control HE-1101 while recording streaming from HE-1101? 2020-05-12

You can do remote control through IDIS Center after registering HE-1101 from the NVR models below. (As of March 2019)
If you execute 'Remote Control' by right-clicking the screen of HE-1101 on IDIS Center, you can operate the device connected to HE-1101.

DR-2304P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-2308P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-4316PS / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-6216PS / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-6332PS / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-8364 / 6.1.0 or higher

142 Video Recorder Q. Can I know who is attempting to login to the NVR remotely? 2020-05-12

From the version of NVR below, if the password is wrong during remote access, logs of failed log-ins will be saved. (As of March 2019)
The logs are in 'Menu> System> General> Show System Log ...'.
The attempted ID and IPAddress are saved.

DR-1304P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-1308P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-2304P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-2308P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-2316P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-6216 / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-6332P / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-8364 / 6.1.0 or higher

141 General Q. What is the difference between DirectIP 1.0 and DirectIP 2.0? 2020-05-12

The existing DirectIP 1.0 protocol has two modes, DirectIP mode, and IDIS mode, so you have to reboot the camera to change each mode.
DirectIP 2.0 protocol can take advantage of all the advantages of DirectIP mode and IDIS mode depending on whether accounts are created without rebooting in a single mode.

The most prominent difference between them is security.

DirectIP 1.0 uses MAC Address-based mutual authentication for convenient authentication without setting password.

DirectIP 2.0 has become more secure with Certificate-based mutual authentication. Now IP camera and NVR exchange and store respective certificates.

When a DirectIP 2.0 NVR re-establishes a connection with a paired IP camera, the authentication process begins with checking and comparing each other's certificates to the stored certificates. If the certificates match, both devices are confirmed by each other, the communication session is established.


140 Video Recorder Q. Is there any NVR supporting IPv6? 2020-05-12

You can use WAN as IPv6 from the version of NVR below. (As of July 2020)
 The setting is available by selecting IPv6 in 'Settings-Network-WAN'.
 * IPv6 can be used only in the WAN used for remote access and cannot be set in VIN (Video IN) to register the camera.

DR-13xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-22xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-23xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-24xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-42xxP / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-43xxP(S) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-62xxP(S) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-63xxP(S)-(S)(A) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-84xx(D) / 6.1.0 or higher
DR-8364D / 6.1.0 or higher

139 Camera Q. Is it possible to connect DirectIP 2.0 protocol cameras to DR-2100/4100/6100 which only supports DirectIP 1.0 protocol? 2020-05-12

They can be connected. How to register them to the NVRs is the same as registering a camera in DirectIP 1.0 protocol.
The default is DirectIP mode. If you use Static IP, change to IDIS mode.

138 Software Q. What are the values for LDAP configuration values on IDIS Solution Suite? 2020-05-12


The attributes of LDAP are different for each product. Therefore, not all blanks should be entered, but appropriate attribute values ​​must be entered for each product used.
-If you do not know the proper attribute, you can view the attribute with the help of an LDAP administrator or through a tool such as LDAP explorer.
The description of each item is as follows.
objectClass = Enter the LDAP attribute which means the class type of object.
objectClass (user) = Enter the ObjectClass name corresponding to the ID.
uid = Enter the LDAP attribute that ISS will use as ID.
displayName = Enter the LDAP attribute that ISS will use as the name for ID. 
mail = Enter the LDAP attribute that ISS will use as the mail address for an ID.
phone number = Enter the LDAP attribute that the ISS will use a phone number for an ID. 
Groups = The ISS enters the LDAP attribute with the group information for the LDAP

137 Video Recorder Q. The user password of HD-TVI analog recorder is only 8 digits. Can I increase it more than that? 2020-04-14

From the version of the recorder model below, the user password can be set up to 16 digits.
It will be applied to the models that will be added in the future.

TDR411 / 1.7.0 or higher
HR-1204 / 1.0.0 or higher
HR-1208 / 1.0.0 or higher

136 Camera Q. Could you please explain the quantity and reasons for watch sessions being used on the NVR? 2020-04-02

Basically, NVR takes 3 watches and 1 search if one client does Live / Playback at the same time.

IDIS Center connected to an NVR will use 1 Watch session to view the live video and the monitoring service will also take a Watch connection if Device real-Time monitoring is checked.