Web Client
  • Supports 32 divided screen surveillance
  • Controls PTZ, colour, alarm out feature
  • Supports 32 divided screen playback
  • Supports video back-up with IDIS Player, AVI, BMP
  • Supports storage and print-out of current image on screen


Web Client
  • Reliability

  • Performance

  • Usability

CONNECTION METHODhttp://IP Address: Port Number (NVR system's IP address and IDIS Web port number configured under Network > General (Default Value: 12088) Name (FEN Name: NVR name configured on the FEN server) (will be prompted to enter NVR's IP address or FEN name registered to the FEN server upon login)
Brochure IDIS WEB(v7.0,eng)
Brochure IDIS WEB