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IDIS Deep Learning Engine

An advanced AI engine designed for security and safety applications

The IDIS Deep Learning Engine is an artificial neural network that acts like the human brain, learning from experience. Out-performing human capability it can analyze vast amounts of data points taken from video footage across single or multiple cameras, covering an area, a site or multiple facilities simultaneously. This allows it to first detect and then identify an event or threat, while filtering out false alarms.

The industry’s most advanced and accurate AI engine

The IDIS Deep Learning Engine has been designed and developed in-house by our team of AI experts using deep neural network technology to deliver industry-leading accuracy. Its capability has been proven through independent testing at live customer sites using high-quality video footage.

Specialized Functionality

IDIS Deep Learning Analytics allows users to simply and easily leverage the power of the IDIS AI engine.

Scalable, multi-format solution

IDLA – An AI solution optimized for video surveillance

Accurate, fast, simple, and scalable, IDIS Deep Learning Analytics (IDLA) powered by the IDIS Deep Learning Engine, offers agile object detection and classification of people, cars, and bicycles, intrusion detection, and loitering detection—all adapted to fit a 16:9 ratio.

Accurate in tough environments

IDLA is not defeated by adverse conditions such as snow, heavy rain and low light. Even in challenging environments it delivers clear detection results.

Rapid calculations

IDLA achieves industry-leading calculation speeds of 200+ IPS with a single, affordable GPU (tested with NVIDIA GTX 1080, FP32). For more demanding applications, it can be boosted up to 600 IPS with a higher-level GPU (tested with NVIDIA Tesla V100, FP16).

Scalable, multi-format solution

It's easy to upgrade legacy hardware and cameras, allowing you to transform existing surveillance systems into powerful deep learning solutions. IDLA doesn't require additional processing power, as data from all types of megapixel cameras, including fixed and PTZ legacy cameras, are processed using the same 512x288 input for precise detection.

Simple and cost-effective

Now you only pay a one-time charge, with no annual license fee, to get all the functions you need—including object detection, intruder detection, and loitering detection. And with no need for configuration, you can integrate these capabilities into your existing system without the costs of additional training.

Smart Living and Life Safety

IDLA can be used for all types of security and life safety applications, and can be applied to surveillance systems installed for public safety, schools, retail stores, traffic control infrastructure, hospitals, and more. IDLA accurately monitors images, events, and scenes that are easily missed by human operators, enabling smart searching with high accuracy and outstanding results. IDLA ensures personal safety and the protection of assets by allowing control room staff to respond to issues more quickly than ever before.

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