Health service office redevelopment benefits from end-to-end IDIS DirectIP video solution

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  • CustomerParklands House, Southern Health NHS Trust
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Refurbished outpatient facility is latest development in modernisation programme

A continuing modernisation programme is beingundertaken by Southern Health NHS Trust, to improve care outcomes for patients with complex and sometimes challenging mental health needs, including vulnerable adolescents and adults.

Parklands House, the latest development, involves the conversion of a former council office building to create a new, high specification outpatient facility. With interview rooms, practice rooms and administrative areas, the new facility allows high quality care services to be provided to mental health outpatients.


With services under pressure, video is a key tool for safety and resource efficiency

Video surveillance is a key tool for the Trust in its mission to provide the most effective care for patients, while also protecting staff and visitors. Clinicians and care teams need to be able to respond quickly to incidents, including violence and aggression by disturbed patients. And it’s essential to have a full video record of events to allow incidents to be rapidly investigated and resolved.

IDIS systems integration partner, Galeco Communications, was asked to work in tandem with the main contractor North Port Construction, meeting their site refurbishment schedule, to deliver a robust and affordable video solution.

Galeco designed a system using IDIS technology to ensure complete coverage of all areas of interest, including entrances and external approaches, the reception, corridors, interview rooms, and clinical practice rooms.


IDIS plug-and-play DirectIP technology takes the risk out of project delivery

Galeco’s engineers coordinated with North Port’s construction schedule to run all cabling before the ceilings were closed, allowing snag-free, plug-and-play installation of DirectIP devices, including 15x IDIS 5MP vandal-resistant IR fisheye and 5 x 5MP vandal-resistant IR dome cameras.

IDIS fisheyes are now used extensively across Southern Health facilities because they make comprehensive high-definition surveillance more affordable, covering the same area as three or four fixed lens cameras, while the 5MP domes complement them with targeted surveillance of building approaches, entrances, and perimeters. Video footage is stored on an IDIS DR-6332PS-SA 32-channel 4K H.265 network recorder, with a built in PoE switch and failover protection against loss of data in the event of network instability or failure.


The camera system allows Parklands House to be run more efficiently via IDIS Center VMS, with reception staff given a continual view to an authorised range of cameras in real-time, using an IDIS monitor connected via a decoder. This spot monitor functionality gives reception staff domain awareness and visibility of priority areas, supporting both early intervention, and rapid decision making in the event of an emergency – for example when staff activate the duress system. The solution is also designed to protect patient privacy, and ensure GDPR compliance, by limiting which camera steams and footage are visible, and by restricting advanced search and review functions. Only authorised staff, including senior clinicians and the Trust’s security management team, can log into the system to view the full range of cameras – using a private viewing workstation in a secure comms room - to search and retrieve recorded footage, to support incident investigations and follow-up action.

Results and Benefits

A coordinated refurbishment project transforms safety and security for patients and staff

In recent years, Southern Health has pioneered collaboration with police to implement a highly successful policy of zero-tolerance towards violent and abusive patient behaviour. This has helped to improve treatment outcomes, reduce stress, and harm to staff, and to ease the pressure of enforced staff absences pending incident investigations.

The high-quality evidence provided by the IDIS video solution is a key part of this progressive treatment strategy.

IDIS hardware is protected by extended warranties which, together with no ongoing VMS licence fees, gives Southern Health a low total cost of ownership. And thanks to true plug-and-play set up and instant functionality of all devices – a key advantage of IDIS DirectIP technology - the Parklands House project was completed in less than a month, with Galeco easily able to work within the timeframes of the wider construction schedule.


"Our IDIS video solution, installed by Galeco, gives us the reliable, complete coverage and high-quality video evidence that we need to support our work improving patient care and protecting our staff."

Rob Thomas
Head of Security,
Southern Health NHS Trust