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    IDIS Technology Delivers Advanced Security for Popular Soccer Franchise and Historic Stadium

    The Alianza Lima soccer club, based in Lima, Peru, is one of the most storied soccer teams in South America. As the oldest soccer club in the Peruvian First Division with over 115 years of history, Alianza Lima has been home to many internationally recognized players, including the namesake of the club’s current stadium, famous striker Alejando Villanueva. The club is among the most successful teams in Peru, with a total of 23 League titles, and boasts the largest fan base of any soccer club in

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    네덜란드 소매 업체의 물류 프로세스 모니터링 및 보안 향상

    네덜란드 음향장비 전문회사 Dar는 오프란인 매장의 상품이 도난 을 막고, 물류 공정 전체 작업을 CCTV 카메라로 모니터링하여 온라인 고객의 주문과 다른 제품이 배송되는 문제점을 해결하고자 하였습니다. 아이디스는 Dar의 문제점 해결을 위해 고해상 영상과 이를 효율적으로 분석할수 있는 강력한 성능의 통합 영상 보안 소프트웨어인 IDIS Solution Suite를 제공하여 효율성과 안정성을 높였습니다.

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    Surveillance safety boost for metal manufacturing

    Mechatherm International, based in the West Midlands, is a world leader in the design and supply of specialist casthouse technology, including all types of melting furnaces and casting equipment, predominantly for the aluminium industry. Founded in 1973, the company also provides air recirculation heat treatment and reheating furnaces for flat, rolled, forged, extruded and cast products.

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    성형외과 의료 보안 솔루션

    아이디스는 성형외과의 환자 안전과 편의를 위해 새로운 보안 솔루션을 개발하여 제공하였습니다. Clinique Dallas 성형 외과는 Antonetti 박사가 설립한 성형외과로 지역사회로 부터 실력을 인정받고 있습니다.

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    IDIS Technology Delivers Custom Security for City of Whittier Utility Installation

    Located southeast of Los Angeles, California, the City of Whittier hosts a water pumping utility installation that provides water to the businesses and residents of the surrounding Gateway Cities Region. In recent years, the installation routinely suffered attacks by vandals and looters, resulting in regular defacement with graffiti and the theft of copper components from pumping stations. This caused interruptions in service to businesses and residents across the surrounding cities.

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    IDIS Delivers Modern, Comprehensive Security for Premier Social and Leisure Environment

    The Country Club at DC Ranch is a unique gem in the Arizona desert. Both exclusive and inviting, the warm environment facilitates quality social and recreation experiences for members.

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    IDIS Technology Safeguards City of Mesa Ancient Native American Cultural Site

    At the Mesa Grande Cultural Park, history is revealed daily for the many archaeologists, historians, and visitors who explore the active excavation site each year. Though much of the ancient native culture of the American southwest has been lost to time and development, the Mesa Grande mound is a rare exception, preserved and protected through the years as the site of powerful cultural heritage.

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    A reliable and most cost-effective surveillance platform for the Dutch postal service

    Working in a constantly changing market, the Dutch postal service, PostNL is a dynamic company delivering logistics services internationally. With a retail market that exists increasingly online and a marked growth in parcel deliveries, PostNL has adapted and grown to provide of all-in-one solutions for logistics and other online retail support services.

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    IDIS Provides Modern, Innovative Security for State-of-the-Art Mixed-Use Commercial Development

    Rising from the banks of Tempe Town Lake on Arizona’s Salt River like the sapphire twin of the Emerald City, Hayden Ferry Lakeside gleams in the region’s perpetual sunlight. Strikingly expansive and modern, the property stands as a testament to the art of the possible next-generation commercial development. A 43-acre,

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    Innovative Leader in Virtual Guarding Powered by IDIS Technology

    The emergence of high-tech virtual guarding as a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional manned patrol approaches is a direct realization of the promise seen in the industry’s most innovative and high-performing technology. Currently, emergent leaders in the virtual guarding space are those who successfully leverage guarding and security expertise and match it with the right technology to move beyond mere “remote monitoring” to true, comprehensive virtual guarding.

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    IDIS Provides Solution for Expansion of Elite Training and Fitness Facility

    Winning a Super Bowl is a singular achievement for any athlete. It is universally understood to require peak fitness, discipline, faith in oneself, and a passionate commitment from a like-minded and talented team. When Isaiah Stanback, NFL veteran and Super Bowl champion, retired from football, he turned his focus to helping others on their own journeys to personal fitness, discipline

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    Global media agency benefits from switch to HD

    MediaCom is one of the world’s leading media agencies. From its UK headquarters it plans and buys media for some of the world’s smartest advertisers including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Proctor & Gamble, Sky, Universal and VW Group. The company has 5,800 employees in 122 offices in 97 countries. MediaCom’s UK headquarters in Holborn,

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    Saudi University upgrades to 24/7 HD surveillance

    Majmaah University is based in Al Majmaah, a city of 130,000 people located approximately 180km north of Riyadh. The university was founded in 2009 as part of a state-sponsored Ministry of Education initiative to expand university education and the number of graduates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly outside the biggest cities.

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    Aston University students benefit from HD surveillance safety boost

    Aston University, in the centre of Birmingham, UK, is home to over 9,500 students in one of Europe’s liveliest and most welcoming cities. Consistently ranked within the UK‘s top 40 universities, Aston is known for its world-class teaching, graduate employment success and strong links to industry, government and commerce. It also ranks in the top 15 of the government’s National Student Survey. Situated ten minutes walk from the main 40-acre campus

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    Busy central London hotel upgrades to HD surveillance

    Shaftesbury Hotels is an expanding property group that owns and manages 22 properties in prime locations in the heart of London. The hotels strategy is to take on properties that it can develop and upgrade by investing in them to raise standards and create a sense of exclusivity. The hotels offer a fine choice of accommodation designed to appeal to business and leisure travellers, ranging from stylish budget rooms to prestigious elite collections.