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    러시아 월드컵 경기장의 첨단 보안 환경 구축

    2018년 러시아 월드컵은 대회 시작 전부터 테러 위험에 시달리며 보안과 안전에 대한 세계 언론의 높은 관심을 받았습니다. 하지만 큰 사고 없이 안전 월드컵으로 기록되며 무사히 끝날 수 있었던 배경에는 IDIS의 첨단 보안 솔루션의 맹활약이 있었습니다.

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    IDIS Quality Enhances Awareness and Capability for Texas Community

    Initially settled in the 1840s, the City of Coppell has grown to a mid-size Dallas suburb of over 40,000 residents. With dozens of parks, public facilities, and over 7 miles of trails to maintain and protect, the City of Coppell has a strong need for a robust and reliable video surveillance system.

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    IDIS Technology Delivers Advanced Security for Popular Soccer Franchise and Historic Stadium

    The Alianza Lima soccer club, based in Lima, Peru, is one of the most storied soccer teams in South America. As the oldest soccer club in the Peruvian First Division with over 115 years of history, Alianza Lima has been home to many internationally recognized players, including the namesake of the club’s current stadium, famous striker Alejando Villanueva. The club is among the most successful teams in Peru, with a total of 23 League titles, and boasts the largest fan base of any soccer club in