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    영국 Leybourne 지역사회의 공공 안전 강화

    영국의 Leybourne은 켄트에 있는 유서 깊은 마을로 편리한 교통 환경을 가지고 있지만 외부 지역으로부터 유입되는 사람들로 인해 야기할 수 있는 사건 사고 위험이 있었습니다. 또한 제한된 예산으로 인해 영상 녹화가 제한적으로 이루어지지는 등 많은 문제점이 있었습니다. 아이디스는 Leybourne의 제한적인 예산 내에서도 지역 구성원들의 안전을 지키기 위해 무선 네트워크를 활용한 보안 솔루션을 구축하였으며, 끊김 없는 고해상 영상을 안정적으로 장기간 녹화할 수 있는 64채널 NVR을 장착하여 보안을 강화하였습니다.

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    IDIS Donates Next-Generation Surveillance Technology to Texas Library and Community Center

    IDIS established a „Global Social Responsibility“ initiative to engage with, and give back to, local communities across the globe. In its first North American initiative, IDIS donated and installed a comprehensive video surveillance solution for the City of Coppell, Texas—hometown of the company’s American regional headquarters—in support of the city’s newly opened library, the Cozby Library and Community Commons. The new library serves as both an information resource for the city and a regional

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    IDIS Technology Delivers Custom Security for City of Whittier Utility Installation

    Located southeast of Los Angeles, California, the City of Whittier hosts a water pumping utility installation that provides water to the businesses and residents of the surrounding Gateway Cities Region. In recent years, the installation routinely suffered attacks by vandals and looters, resulting in regular defacement with graffiti and the theft of copper components from pumping stations. This caused interruptions in service to businesses and residents across the surrounding cities.

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    Surveillance Solution Helps Town Council to Safeguard Citizens

    Sawbridgeworth Town Council provides a full range of local civic services to a historic town just north of London, England in the county of Hertfordshire. The popular and much sought-after community has an affluent, upscale population including many commuters and skilled professionals who travel daily to work by mainline train to London’s financial heart in the City.