2 Camera Q. What is DOF? And, What is difference between deep DOF and shallow DOF? 2013-04-28

DOF (Depth of Field) refers to the range of distance that the subject appears acceptably sharp. DOF is determined by several factors such as aperture size, a lens to subject distance, lens focal length, and image sensor size.
Generally, the following conditions result in a deep DOF.
- small or narrow aperture size (large f-number)
- the long-distance between lens and subject
- short focal length
- small image sensor size (small image format)
A shallow DOF has a reverse condition of a deep DOF.

1 Camera Q. What are the main differences between indoor and outdoor cameras? 2013-04-28

Surveillance cameras can be classified as indoor and outdoor models according to the installation place.

The main difference between the two models is whether the camera is weather-proof or not.

That is, the outdoor camera does completely protect the inner material from weather like wind, rain, moisture, dust, snow, and humidity.

Some outdoor cameras should have a heater or blowers for temperature resistance. On the other hand, indoor cameras do not require weather-proof or temperature resistance except critical places which get high humidity or high/low temperature.
Besides, outdoor cameras require infrared or TDN (true day/night) technology more than indoor cameras for night vision capability.