134 Camera Q. What is the difference between DirectIP 1.0 and DirectIP 2.0? 2020-03-16

The DirectIP 1.0 protocol has two modes: DirectIP mode and IDIS mode, and you have to reboot the camera to change each mode.
Depending on whether an account is created, the DirectIP 2.0 protocol can take advantage of all the benefits of DirectIP mode and IDIS mode in a single mode without rebooting your camera.

133 Software Q. Where are the ISS event logs stored and what is the maximum file size? 2020-03-16

ISS event logs are stored on the server where each ISS service occurred. That is, ISS event logs stored on the PC where the ISS service is installed.
However, if the server is malfunctioning, the history is stored in Service manager> log. Because the server cannot save log.
The maximum file size of the event log is 256 MB.

132 General Q. How can I change protocol in DirectIP 2.0 mode ? 2019-11-08

The existing DirectIP 1.0 protocol has two modes, DirectIP mode and IDIS mode. You have to reboot the camera to change each mode.
DirectIP 2.0 protocol is a unified form of two modes. Without rebooting, the protocol can take advantage of all the advantages of DirectIP mode and IDIS mode.

In DirectIP 2.0, a camera boots up as a DHCP client looking for a DHCP server for about 40 seconds. If no DHCP server is found, it starts up with a linked-local IP address.


131 Video Recorder Q. Do NVRs support IPv6? 2019-11-08

You can use WAN as IPv6 from the version of NVR below. (As of March 2019)
 IPv6 becomes available by selecting IPv6 in 'Settings-Network-WAN'.
 * IPv6 can be used only in the WAN used for remote access and cannot be set in VIN (Video IN) to register the camera.


- IPv6 supporting NVR models

   DR-1304P, DR-1308P, DR-2304P, DR-2308P, DR-4316PS, DR-6216PS, DR-6332PS, DR-8364


- Firmware version 

   v6.1.0 or higher


130 Camera Q. What is Auto Tracking and which camera models support the feature ? 2018-09-06
Auto Tracking is a feature tracing movements made by objects such as humans or vehicles.
Without manual control by a human, a camera automatically follows movements using PTZ. 
The feature is mostly used for restricted area where the movement is rarely expected. 

Supporting camera models
- DC-S3283WHX
- DC-S3283FX
- DC-S3583HRX
- DC-S3883HRX
129 Camera Q. How to make an audio connection to IDIS cameras? 2018-09-06

How to make an audio connection to IDIS cameras


H.265 supporting camera models

rtsp://"IP address: Port number"/media/trackID=90

For example, rtsp://


H.264 supporting camera models

rtsp://"IP address:Port number"/trackID="maximum number stream+1"

For example, a camera can have 3 streams "trackID" is 3, and the URL will be rtsp://

128 Software Q. What are the QR codes in NVRs for? 2018-09-06

QR codes in IDIS NVRs save time to type in an IP address or a FEN name of an IDIS NVR, when registering the NVR to IDIS Mobile.


- In IDIS Mobile, when registering a site, click QR icon on the right bottom.


- Camera is going to run to capture a QR code.

- Capture a QR code in an IDIS NVR.

- Either IP address or FEN name of the NVR will be filled out in IDIS mobile already, and give a name for the NVR and a password to finish the registration.


Simple registration using QR codes is available for registrations with both FEN and IP address.




127 Camera Q. What should I check if IR LEDs seem to be not working? 2018-09-06
1) Turn off all the lights around a camera.
- Check if the camera changes into Night Mode. 
2) Check settings of a camera
- Related settings are in Day&Night tab in Camera menu under Video in Remote Setup.
- Check if B&W mode is set either On or Off and not switching.
- Check if B&W mode switching schedule is configured correctly.
- Check if Switching Level is set as desired.
126 Accessory Q. What is the PoE output capacity of DA-LP1101T/R? 2018-07-30

DA-LP1101T/R has Long Reach PoE function and its PoE output capacity varies whether the function is enabled or not.


In use of Long Reach PoE function

Please be aware of that bandwidth of DA-LP1101R/T will be decreased to 10/100Mbps in use of Long Reach PoE function.



Not in use of Long Reach PoE function

*The value may change depending on the power, cable and PoE device you use.



This specification is included in the manual page 6 to 7.


125 Video Recorder Q. Recorders do not have power switch. Is there any way to turn off the recorders? 2018-07-17

The only way to turn off/on the recorders is to plug in/out the power cable. 

The recorders do not have power switch or a UI on their software to turn off the power. This is to remove a possibility that users accidentally press power switch off or click a power off button, resulting in a recording service halt.


124 Video Recorder Q. How can I find lost password? 2018-07-12

A Password is created and encrypted so we cannot tell you what the password was.


We strongly recommend you to either configure SMTP to get verification code or keep User Password Reset File in a USB stick when creating a new password from the initial login.


"Find PW" feature is described in detail in the manuals of DR-8300, 6300, 4300 and 2300 series.


123 Camera Q. A lens does not work on a box camera. What should I do? 2018-07-09

For P-IRIS lenses, since the method of operation differs from each product, it has to use the tested P-IRIS lens with the camera.

For DC-IRIS lenses, all the lenses are compatible.


The list of recommended P-IRIS lens are as follow.


- DC-B1203X : DC-IRIS lenses support only.

- DC-B3303X :

  • M13VP288IR
  • M13VP850IR

- DC-B1303 :

  • EVETAR M117VP451016
  • RICOM HV03610P


122 Camera Q. Can I use DC-T1244WR for both license plate recognition and for surveillance purpose? 2018-07-09

It cannot use for both purposes simultaneously.

Each good image quality for ANPR and for surveillance is defined differently as below, so we do not recommend to use the camera for both purposes at the same time.

Please refer to below and it is hard to control the image for surveillance via ANPR IP Camera.


"Good quality" image in general video surveillance.

- Wide dynamic range, deep depth of field, crisp image detail, good color saturation, anti-flickering, minimal motion blur, low noise, and hundreds of other criteria.


"Good quality" image in ANPR application.

- Best exposure.

- Tighter iris control if possible to achieve deeper depth of field.

- Shortest shutter speed to minimize the motion blur.

- Black and White for better license plate capture : even though there are enough ambient lights and even though you sacrifice the color information.

- Gain control to minimize the noise


121 Video Recorder Q. How to connect PoE switches to DR-8364? 2018-07-06

A DR-8364 series NVR has video input ports which consists of two SFP ports and three RJ45 ports.


To prevent too much load on one RJ45 port, please distribute channels onto switches and connect each switch to each different RJ45 port as the image below shows.



Be aware of that connecting more than one RJ45 port to a same switch can create packet loop, so please separate links from each port. 


120 Video Recorder Q. What are the available resolution categories in IDIS TVI recorders? 2018-07-06

Please refer to the table below.