123 Software Q. I cannot watch live and playback image of the NVR in IDIS Solution Suite Client. 2017-12-12


To connect to the ISS Expert, uPnP setting in the NVR and manual Port Forwarding to the router are required.

However, if you set only those settings, ISS(IDIS Solution Suite) Expert will give a private IP address of the NVR to ISS client over WAN network, and you will not be able to connect the NVR with the private IP address.


In this case, FEN service is the solution for the problem.


Register a NVR to FEN Server, FEN server will pass the both of IP addresses of NVR such as public and private to the client, it will make the client access the NVR correctly.


Then the Network configuration diagram looks like this.



122 Accessory Q. How many NVRs are going to be registered to IDIS Decoder ? 2017-10-26

DD-1116 which supports 2MP resolution and H.264 codec is able to have up to 4 DirectIP NVRs registered to it. 


121 Camera Q. What Onvif profile do IDIS Cameras support ? 2017-10-26

IDIS Cameras support Onvilf profile S.

You can find Onvif profile S specification from the below link.




If you need Declaration of Conformance on IDIS cameras for Onvif compatibility, please visit www.onvif.org and go to Conformant Products.


120 General Q. Which NAT type does support FEN service ? 2017-10-26

By creating a user’s custom name (FEN name) simply from a DirectIP NVR, its device info and

network parameters (including Device name, MAC address, IP address, port info, NAT type, product

info etc.) are automatically registered in the DirectIP FEN server running in the cloud. The user is

able to access the site remotely using this custom name instead of an IP address, as the FEN

server keeps hold of the local device’s connection on the network even in a DHCP environment with

dynamic changing IP.


FEN service uses UDP hole punching for NAT traversal to gather address information of two ends, a NVR and a remote client, and NAT type in a site where a NVR is or a remote client is should support UDP communication.



[NAT types supporting UDP communication]

- Open internet

- Cone types (Full cone, Restricted cone, Port restricted cone)


[NAT types not supporting UDP communication]

- UDP blocked

- Symmetric

- Symmetric UDP firewall


119 Camera Q. 3rd party camera compatibility test request 2017-10-26

To make 3rd party cameras to be compatible with our products, we need to go through the steps listed below.


We need below information with your request. 

(1) Model names and firmware version of 3rd party cameras to be tested with our products.

(2) Which IDIS product needs to be compatible to the 3rd party cameras.

(3. Expected business opportunity from that 3rd party camera integration.

(4) Due date for 3rd party cameras to be integrated with IDIS products.


Our sales department decides whether we proceed the integration or not.

As decided to to proceed, we will provide IDIS 3rd Party Test Tool to check if the current operations of 3rd party cameras to our product. Please run the tool and send us the result. To get IDIS 3rd Party Test Tool, please contact IDIS Technical support team.


Finally, send us at least two of the 3rd party camera for us to integrate and test the cameras. 



118 Video Recorder Q. Status description of LED indicators on the front panel of NVRs 2017-10-26

Combinations of blinking status of Panic LED and Alarm LED on the front panel of NVRs indicates booting sequences.



117 Software Q. IDIS Solution Suite, User Alarm-in configuration 2017-09-19
A. Refer to the attachment for how to set up user alarm-in in IDIS Solution Suite
116 Software Q. IDIS Solution Suite, Setting Loadbalancing 2017-09-19

IDIS Solution Suite supports load balancing with more than one streaming services.


Devices are evenly allocated to streaming services running in load balancing mode, and once one streaming service is offline, the other service takes all the devices from the old service. 


Please refer to the attachment to find out how to configure load balancing. 

115 Video Recorder Q. How many RTSP sessions does IDIS TVI DVR support? 2017-08-16

TR series can connect maximum 10 RTSP sessions. This goes same for TR-22xx and TR-42xx series.

The sum of RTSP and live monitoring (watch) channels for TR series is maximum 10.


The network transmission performance of TR-2204 is as follows mentioned in our global web site.

- 30ips @ Full HD per channel, shared with recording.

That is, TR-2204 can multiple RTSP channels more than 4, but, the transmission performance depends on the number of recording operation channels as well as the number of RTSP and watch channels.


But, TR-4208(R) and TR-4216(R) can support up to 120 ips@Full HD regardless of recording operation with multiple RTSP channels.

So, we recommend to use TR-42xx TVR if the RTSP stream performance should be stable regardless of recording operation.


Kind regards


114 Video Recorder Q. How many cameras can I register to a NVR? 2017-08-16

As resolution of a camera increases, a NVR to which the camera is registered needs more performance to recording as well as to decoding it on-screen. Sometimes it takes even more resource when it is transmitting images to a client. 

For easier and simpler designing cameras and NVRs, please refer to the table attached below.