93 Software Q. What is Multiple Recording Setup from ISS > Admin Setup > Device Tab > Right click on a Camera > Multiple Recording Setup? 2015-12-27

Multiple recording defines the stream of recording preset which can be done from Recording schedule setting > Action setting. This feature only work with IDIS cameras.

92 Software Q. ISS specification states up to 64 recording per admin. What does it mean? 2015-12-27
Up to 64 recording services can be registered to Admin service. 
Admin service supports up to 64 services for each of the following services, Recording service, Redundant service, Recording Failover.
91 Software Q. How many channels does an IDIS fisheye camera consumes when it connected to ISS? A fisheye camera consumes 2 to 4 channels in NVR. Is it same on ISS? 2015-12-27
A. In ISS, fisheye camera is treated the same as other camera, so it only consumes 1 channel
90 Software Q. VW Agent shows “Connection failed Agent key is incorrect” and not able to connect with VW Server. 2015-12-27
The error message occurs when the agent information does not match registerd agent information on VW Service. It can occur when VW Agent is uninstalled / installed without unregistration from VW Service.
Unregister and re-register to solve the problem. If the problem persists after unregister, uninstall and re-install of VW Agent may be required.
89 Software Q. How to check if Failover services were operated or operating? 2015-12-27
A. Other failover services (Fed, Mon, VW) status can be checked from Status menu of ISS Setup.
88 Software Q. What is the Segment list displyed while playback? 2015-12-27
A. Segment occurs when the recording time is changed and that caused more than one video recordings on the same time invertal. To avoid the loss of video, it creates segments to store all the data.
87 Software Q. How does ‘Load Balancing’ work when it is set to ‘Use’ while only 1 streaming service is running. 2015-12-27

Load balancing only work when there are more than 2 streaming services are available.

86 Software Q. What is the maximum capacity of a clip-copy made from IDIS Center? 2015-12-27
A. It can create a clip-copy up to 64GB with multiple files, 4GB per file.
85 Software Q. What are the main functions of ISS Admin service? 2015-07-07

ISS Admin service provides the following services:


  • License authentication
    • ISS Admin service authenticates licenses: Recording ch license, (Live) Streaming server/ch license.

    • check current license information using ISS Service Manager on the server running the Admin service or use WibuKey Tester program on each server.

    • add License certificate using ISS Service Manager on the server running the Admin service.

  • Directory service of these services/devices/users,
    for example

    • connection information to services, like External IP address/port information

    • login information to the registered IP devices

  • Management service of services/devices/users

    • registration of services/devices/users

    • service database management (backup/import)

    • configuration of services,
      for example,

      • storage setting/preparation of Recording services

      • recording schedule of IP cameras

      • event handling,

        • event act schedule, and target user

        • when to send out an email notification upon a specific event

        • configure Live Popup for a specific event

    • updating firmware of devices

    • set up users and groups

      • create/manage users and groups

      • grant different levels of access privileges to different user groups

      • grant access to certain IP cameras for a specific user group

      • create layout, sequence, map, etc
    84 Video Recorder Q. Where is the recording storage and network bandwidth estimator for each NVR? 2015-07-07


    Please refer to the following site and user guide.

    Site: http://www.idisglobal.com/support/bandwidth


    User guide: T2. Network_bandwidth_and_storage_estimator document


    You can estimate the HDD storage capacity and network bandwidth by adjusting the stream parameters of each camera after selecting the NVR and camera.

    Please download the guide document for our recording storage and network bandwidth estimator.