135 Video Recorder Q. How can I find password lost? 2018-07-12

A Password is created and encrypted so we cannot tell you what password it was.


We strongly recommend you to either configure SMTP to get verification code or keep User Password Reset File in a USB stick for creating a new password on the initial login.


"Find PW" feature is described in detail in the manuals of DR-8300, 6300, 4300 and 2300 series.

134 Video Recorder Q. Which data will be removed by Factory reset ? 2018-07-09

All the configuration including Network, Time, Event, Camera setup and even password will be removed and back to default status. This goes for TVI recorders as well.

However, recorded data will remain as it was before the factory reset. To remove recorded data, "Clear All Data..." on General menu of System needs to be executed. 



133 Camera Q. A lens does not work on a box camera. 2018-07-09

For P-IRIS lenses, since the method of operation differs from each product, it has to use the tested P-IRIS lens with the camera.

For DC-IRIS lenses, all the lenses are compatible.


The list of recommended P-IRIS lens are as follow.


- DC-B1203X : DC-IRIS lenses support only.

- DC-B3303X :

  • M13VP288IR
  • M13VP850IR

- DC-B1303 :

  • EVETAR M117VP451016
  • RICOM HV03610P

132 Camera Q. Can I use DC-T1244WR for both license plate recognition and for surveillance purpose? 2018-07-09

It cannot use for both purposes simultaneously


Each good image quality for ANPR and for surveillance is defined differently as below, so we don't recommend to use the camera for both purposes.


please refer to below and its hard to control the image for surveillance via ANPR IP Camera.


"Good quality" image in general video surveillance.

- Wide dynamic range, deep depth of field, crisp image detail, good color saturation, anti-flickering, minimal motion blur, low noise, and hundreds of other criteria.


"Good quality" image in ANPR application.

- Best exposure.

- Tighter iris control if possible to achieve deeper depth of field.

- Shortest shutter speed to minimize the motion blur.

- Black and White for better license plate capture : even though there are enough ambient lights and even though you sacrifice the color information.

- Gain control to minimize the noise

131 Video Recorder Q. Connecting PoE switches to DR-8364 2018-07-06

A DR-8364 series NVR has video input ports which consists of two SFP ports and three RJ45 ports.


Not to place too much load on one RJ45 port, please distribute channels onto switches and connect each switch to each different RJ45 port as the image below shows.



Be aware of that connecting more than one RJ45 port to a same switch can create packet loop, so please separate links from each port. 

130 Video Recorder Q. Resolution categories in IDIS TVI recorders 2018-07-06

Please refer to the table below.


129 Camera Q. How can I watch the SD recording image? 2018-07-02

There are three ways to playback recorded data in a SD card, which are listed below.

 1) Access directly to the camera with the SD card through IDIS Web.

 2) Register the camera with the SD card to IDIS Center and access the camera.

 3) Put the SD card into a PC and run IDIS Center for iHDP to playback.


Please be aware that NVRs cannot playback recorded data in SD cards of a camera.

128 Software Q. IDIS Solution Suite Client and IDIS Center, the number of tab available. 2018-06-29

IDIS Center or IDIS Solution Suite Client can have maximum 4 Live tabs.

IDIS Center with 4 Live tabs give you a small video wall by separate tabs to each monitor.



However there's limitation on the number of tabs to create depending on Window OS. 

- 32bit OS: Maximum 2 tabs

- 64bit OS: Maximum 4 tabs

127 Camera Q. PoE power consumption of DC-S3583 and DC-S3883 series. 2018-06-25

DC-S3583HRX and DC-S3883HRX are new speed dome camera models which are going to be out soon.

These speed dome cameras  take more PoE power consumption than the existing speed dome camera models.


Power consumption of the popular speed dome models DC-S1263 and DC-S1283 series ranges from 10.6W to 24.3W(Heater on).


However, DC-S3583HRX and DC-S3883HRX takes maximum 68.6W with heaters and IR LEDs on.

So common PoE switches with IEEE 802.3af or IEEE 802.3at cannot provide enough power for the cameras.


Please consider using the power adaptor provided in the package of the cameras or PoE injectors capable of satisfying power consumption of the cameras.


126 Camera Q. Factory reset on cameras 2018-06-11


Depending on how long you hold pushing the reset button on a camera, a result can be different.

- Quick push and release: This works as Factory reset and removes image settings only except debug logs and network setting.

- Push and hold for 2~3 seconds: This works as Full reset and removes image settings, debug logs, and network setting.

125 Software Q. "Reconstruct" feature to correct time information of recorded data. 2018-06-04


In case that a HDD has bad sectors and those sectors might corrupt time information in recorded data with a low possibility. This makes some recorded data invisible on Timetable.


To fix this, pelease execute Reconsturct feature in IDIS Solution Suite Setup.

The feature is to newly build time information table out of recorded data. The task of reconstructing time information is going to be running in the background.


124 Software Q. We are going to do an internal test before we install ANPR(LPR) on a customer site. What is the specification required for ANPR Server? 2018-02-13

The Server Specification is determined by the following procedure.

  1. First, check which country your customer site is located in, and check the number of lanes required for license plate recognition.
  1. Check the required score for it in the table below.
  2. Check the appropriate CPU at cpubenchmark.net
  3. Use 16GB or a higher memory card.




For example,

Assume that you are performing license plate recognition for three lanes in Europe, The required CPU score is 10710.

Visit the site below to find the cpu for the 10710. Intel Core i7-4790K or so.



The recommended server specification is as follows.

CPU : Intel Core i&-4790K or higher

RAM : 16GB RAM , But, if the number of ANPR engine is more than 2, 32GB RAM is recommended.

123 Software Q. I cannot watch live and playback image of the NVR in IDIS Solution Suite Client. 2017-12-12


To connect to the ISS Expert, uPnP setting in the NVR and manual Port Forwarding to the router are required.

However, if you set only those settings, ISS(IDIS Solution Suite) Expert will give a private IP address of the NVR to ISS client over WAN network, and you will not be able to connect the NVR with the private IP address.


In this case, FEN service is the solution for the problem.


Register a NVR to FEN Server, FEN server will pass the both of IP addresses of NVR such as public and private to the client, it will make the client access the NVR correctly.


Then the Network configuration diagram looks like this.



122 Accessory Q. How many NVRs are going to be registered to IDIS Decoder ? 2017-10-26

DD-1116 which supports 2MP resolution and H.264 codec is able to have up to 4 DirectIP NVRs registered to it. 


121 Camera Q. What Onvif profile do IDIS Cameras support ? 2017-10-26

IDIS Cameras support Onvilf profile S.

You can find Onvif profile S specification from the below link.




If you need Declaration of Conformance on IDIS cameras for Onvif compatibility, please visit www.onvif.org and go to Conformant Products.