105 Video Recorder Q. How many RTSP sessions does IDIS TVI DVR support? 2017-08-16

TR series can connect maximum 10 RTSP sessions. This goes the same for TR-22xx and TR-42xx series.

The sum of RTSP sessions and live monitoring (watch) channels for TR series is maximum 10.


The network transmission performance of TR-2204 is as follows mentioned in our global web site.

- 30ips @ Full HD per channel, shared with recording.

That is, TR-2204 can multiple RTSP channels more than 4, but, the transmission performance depends on the number of recording operation channels as well as the number of RTSP and watch channels.


But, TR-4208(R) and TR-4216(R) can support up to 120 ips@Full HD regardless of recording operation with multiple RTSP channels.

So, we recommend to use TR-42xx TVR if the RTSP stream performance should be stable regardless of recording operation.

104 Video Recorder Q. How many cameras can I register to a NVR? 2017-08-16

As resolution of a camera increases, a NVR to which the camera is registered needs more performance to recording as well as to decoding it on-screen. Sometimes it takes even more resource when it is transmitting images to a client. 

For easier and simpler designing cameras and NVRs, please refer to the table attached below.


updated (13th Jan 2020) : 

From v5.2.0 or higher version, channel allocation issue has been solved.



103 Camera Q. What are the MAT(Motion Adaptive Transmission) supporting cameras? 2017-07-04
MAT(Motion Adaptive Transmission) is available in DirectIP mode.
Here is a list of IDIS cameras supporting MAT.
Dome Type
DC-D3233X: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-D3233WRX: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-D3233RX: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-D3233HRX: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-D3212X: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-D3212RX: v1.2.0 or higher
Bullet Type
DC-T3533HRX: v1.1.0 or higher
DC-T3243HRX: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-T3233HRX: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-T1833WHR: v1.2.0 or higher
DC-E3212WRX: v1.2.0 or higher
Box Type
DC-B3303X: v1.2.1 or higher
DC-B1803: v1.5.1 or higher
Other cameras with H.264 codec do not support MAT feature.
102 Software Q. Which SQLite version is compatible with IDIS Solution Suite? 2017-07-03

SQLite has been used in ISS and the latest SQLite version compatible with ISS is


ISS has its own DB files instead of DBMS files. So, ISS DB cannot be directly accessed by SQL commands because the DB files are encrypted and GDK, an IDIS Open Source Software, should be used to access the ISS DB.



101 Software Q. Is it possible to play a video in a HDD from an NVR on PC? 2017-06-27

With iHDP feature, it is possible to playback recorded data in a HDD that had been used in a NVR. 

Please refer to the attachment.

100 Software Q. How to use Quick Controls in IDIS Center? 2017-06-23
1. Quick Zoom
a. Ctrl + L-Button Drag Rectangle (on Original Image) : Dynamic Zoom
b. Ctrl + L-Button Drag : Panning Zoom-In Image
c. Ctrl + M-Button Down : Reset (Original Image)
d. Ctrl + Wheel Scroll : Zoom-In / Out (Step)
2.  Quick Dewarp
a. Ctrl + L-Button Drag Rectangle (on Original Image) : Dynamic PT(Fov.)
b. Ctrl + M-Button Down : Reset (Original Image)
c. Ctrl + Wheel Scroll : Fov-In / Out (Step)
d. Ctrl + R-Button Drag (Up<->Down) : Fov-In / Out
3.  Quick PTZ (IDIS Camera Rubber Band)
a. Ctrl + L-Button Drag : Rubber Band
b. Ctrl + R-Button Drag : Zoom-In / Out
c. Ctrl + Wheel Scroll : Zoom-In / Out (Step)
d. Ctrl + Shift + Click : Sling Shot
Quick Control is available in v4.2.0 or higher version. 
99 Software Q. How to change IDIS Solution Suite software license method from online to offline? 2017-06-22

Here are simple steps to change licensing method to offline from online.


- Go to Start > IDIS Solution Suite > License Tool.

- Run License Tool.

- Click Update as the image below shows.


- Select "OFFLINE" and proceed the rest of the steps as you authenticate the license via online licensing method. 



98 Software Q. What is the procedure to activate license for IDIS Solution suite ? 2017-06-22

A license for IDIS Solution Suite is activated via either offline or online.

Please have a look at the attachment for further steps.


97 Accessory Q. Which NVRs and Softwares are compatible with DV-1104(a video analytics box)? 2017-06-19

DirectIP NVRs

- DR-2300 series: v3.0.0 or higher

- DR-4300 series: v3.1.0 or higher

- DR-6300 series: v3.1.0 or higher

- DR-8300 series: v3.1.0 or higher



- IDIS Center: v4.1.0

- IDIS Solution Suite will support DV-1104 in a future version.


96 Camera Q. What should I do when I see pink or purple images from a camera? 2017-06-19

Please check if IR cut filter works properly.


When IR cut filter is switching, you will be able to hear a clicking sound from a camera. 

There are two ways to hear the sound of IR cut filter switching, one is to reboot a camera and the other is to switch the filter manually on a setup page of a camera.


As a camera boots up, it switches IR cut filter and you can hear a clicking sound. 


Or, go to Remote Setup page of a camera and change IR Cut Filter option to "Daytime Mode" so that the camera can switch the filter manually.

If you do not hear a clicking sound from a camera when you expect to hear the sound, it would be likely to be a hardware issue, please contact the distributor who you purchased the camera or IDIS Technical Support team.

95 Software Q. What video codecs does IDIS Solution Suite support ? 2017-06-19

The video codecs IDIS Solution Suite supports are listed below

- H.264

- H.265


- MJPEG (Data per MJPEG image is relatively huge and likely to cause fps dropping, broken images, or slow decoding depending on PC specification at an IDIS Solution Suite Client end.) 

- MxPEG (Mobotix cameras exclusive)

94 Software Q. What should I do if I find critical errors while using IDIS Solution Suite ? 2017-06-13

IDIS Solution Suite has a utility to export log and setup files.

The path below is to get to the utility, Problem Reporter.

- File Start > Program > IDIS Solution Suite > Utility > Problem Reporter


Set a duration of time when a problem is thought to be occurred.

Click "Okay" to save logs and setup files in a Zip file with a name like "crashdump_20170613_103808"




Or you can even set the utility to extract the files periodically for a better maintenance.



Once you get a file from Problem Reporter, please report an issue to distributor from which you bought IDIS products or IDIS Technical Support team(techsupport@idisglobal.com) 



93 Camera Q. What should I do if One Push function does not work and a camera remains out of focus? 2017-06-12

The most likely reason is that somebody opened up IR LED part and fiddled the Zoom lens before. Then the actual location of step motor in zoom lens and where the software thinks the step motor are different, and the difference makes one push malfunction.


To reset the Zoom lens,

1)    Press “Near” button on controller in PTZ mode on a NVR screen so that the Zoom lens can get as wide as it can get.

2)    Press One Push, then it will be focused.

92 Camera Q. What are the camera models supporting Face Detection feature? 2017-06-12

Cameras and firmware versions supporting Face detection feature

  • DC-B1203X - v1.3.0 or higher
  • DC-S1283(W, H, F, X) - v1.1.0 or higher
  • DC-D2233WHX, DC-T1233WHX - v1.0.0 or higher
  • DC-S1283WRX - v1.0.0 or higher
91 Accessory Q. When does DD-1116 synchronize its time? 2017-05-17

DD-1116 normally tries synchronizing in every hour but executes time synchronization when it is one of the cases as below.


- A registered NVR is disconnected and back online.

- Time zone in DD-1116 is changed.

  * When multiple NVRs are registered to a DD-1114, the decoder synchronize its time based on the time of the NVR which has been registered first.