195 General Q. IDIS Fisheye camera projection methods 2021-11-02

There are "Stereographic", "Equidistant", "Orthogonal" projections generally.

IDIS Camera :

1. Panoramic Fisheye : Stereographic

2. Normal Lens : Equidstant


-DC-Y1514W : Equidstant

-DC-Y3C14WRX : Equidstant

-NC-Y6513RX : Equidstant

-NC-Y8C13WRX : Stereographic

-DC-Y6C16WRX : Equidstant

-DC-Y6516WRX : Equidstant

194 General Q. Why is the tilt angle narrower than visible angle ? 2021-11-02

Here are two reasons :

1. To prevent diffuse reflection by top cover during night.

2. To prevent the top cover from entering the angle of view.

193 General Q. When using FEN, why is there a difference in speed between port forwarding and not? 2021-11-02

If UDP is not available when accessing UDP, it will pass through 'Relay Server'. 'Relay Server' is in Korea and have capacity limitations, so, it lead to decline in speed.

When using 'Port Forwarding', it doesn't pass through 'Relay Server' and directly connected between devices.(Speed Up) 

We recommend 'Port Forwarding' when using FEN.

192 General Q. How is the Time information of video delivered? 2021-10-29

The IDIS camera stores the time information ever frame when recording.

If there is the time information delivered by RTSP, information is generated.
However, if not, the time information is generated based on the time when the RTSP frame arrives at the Client.

191 Camera Q. For IDIS, why is the camera and NVR connected only 1:1? 2021-10-29

It is premised to record when connecting the IDIS camera and NVR.

Therefore, When registering a camera in NVR, use Record Session and Watch Session. Record Session allows only one connection.

The IDIS camera has a buffer to respond to Jitter in the network, but, if more than two Record Sessios are connected, it cannot determine where to send the buffer.

190 Video Recorder Q. About Setup -> Display -> Main Monitor Sequence 2021-10-29

1. Full Sequence mode : All Channels will be switched to selected division-screen.

2. Camera Sequence mode : The selected division-screen is the reference and only one screen at the bottom(the last ch) will be switched.

189 Video Recorder Q. Is there any power-supply limitation to each port of recorder? 2021-10-29

There are no limitations or differences in each port.

188 General Q. Data overwrite when 'Panic recording' -> 'Timelapse' 2021-10-29

Yes, If HDD is full, it overwrites timelapse data on panic recording data. 

However, Panic recording data can be maintained by using 'recording data protection' function.

187 General Q. 'Panic Recording' records forever in 'No Limit' 2021-10-29

Yes records forever. However, if overwrite is off, it stops panic recording when HDD is full.

186 General Q. Search only event recording data 2021-10-29

Q. Example : 

1. 09:00 ~ 21:00 : timelapse recording

2. 21:00 ~ 09:00 : event recording

In this case, is it possible to search only event recording when search 9/1 00:00:00 ~ 9/30 24:00:00 ?


A. Event log must remain when event is set in the recorder whether it is set 'Timalapse recording' or 'Event recording' or 'No recording'.

Therefore, Search for daily time zones by specifying Scope in Event Search.



185 General Q. SAVM(Self Adjusting Video Mode) in 3rd party camera 2021-10-29

SAVM function is only for IDIS cameras, not 3rd party camera.

Camera supports SAVM and NVR just accesses camera to use SAVM.

184 General Q. Can I change the audio recording codec in TVI ? 2021-10-29

Unlike NVR, TVI recorder cannot change the audio recording codec. 

Only uses G.726(fixed).

183 General Q. What is 'Synchronous Playback' ? 2021-10-29

Ex) TR-2504 : Playback speed as below.


- 120/100 ips@ CIF, 2CIF, D1, 960H(NTSC/PAL)
- 120/100 ips@ HD(30p/25p)
- 120/100 ips@ FHD(30p/25p)
- 72ips@ 3MP, 60 ips@ 4MP, 40 ips@ 5MP

Recording per ch ips

- Recording below 2m. - 30ips.
- 3M recording ips : 18ips
- 4M recording ips : 15ips.
- 5M recording ips : 10ips.

FHD playback means that 30ips per second is played per channel when played on a four-division screen. (total = 30ips * 4 = 120ips)

Likewise, 3M is recorded  18ips per ch, so playback at full speed at 72ips when it is four-division screen.(4M at 60ips, 5M at 40ips)

For example, "4ch 1080p synchronous playback" means that 2M camera will be played at full speed on a four-division screen on a 4CH recorder.

(But, It's not 'Synchronous Playback', if there are other interference during playback such as iRAS watch/search connection, clip copy etc)

182 General Q. I want to access ISS Web service from external network, can you please guide us how to configure? 2021-10-26

1. Description

This document guides how to access ISS WEB service from remote site

<Tested network diagram>

Remote PC access local ISS server by Web service

2. How to configure

#1. Install ISS with latest firmware

 + install ADM, MON, STR, WEB Service

 + and add devices(NVR, IPC..)

#2. Open ISS service manager and each services should set ‘External IP address’

 + the address of External IP is the Router’s uplink IP

 + at least, ADM, STR, WEB, (MON) service should be set.

#3. Go to Router setting,

Set Port forwarding as below service ports.

11001 ~ 11009 (ISS service port)

8080 (ISS Web service port)


#4. Run Chrome or IE and enther ‘<Router’s uplink:8080>

Then you can access ISS web and watch live view.

Note : if web service does not work, restart the service once and try again.

181 General Q. When I connect a SATA HDD to the IS-1100, it is not recognized. What's the reason? 2021-10-26

IS-1100 does not support SATA HDD. You must use an NLSAS TYPE HDD.