225 General Q. Can I use IDIS Center in Mac (iOS) ? 2021-11-05

No, you can't use.

224 General Q. Is there a limit on the number of registrations when registering Alarm Box(AL-1112) to ISS ? 2021-11-05

Up to 16

223 General Q. Does IDIS IP camera support 'Auto Gain Control' ? 2021-11-05

We provide 'AE Target Gain' function as 'Auto Gain Control'
You can set 'Camera Setup -> Video Tab -> Exposure -> AE Target Gain'

222 General Q. How can I check whether SD card is in the camera or not ? 2021-11-05

Users can generate the "Email" and "Callback" event when the SD card is in/out
"Camera Setup ➔ Event ➔ System Event ➔ Disk In/Out"

221 General Q. Can the multiple ISS Person Match service access the same cameras or the same recorders? 2021-11-04

Since Person Match service uses recording(= Playback session) serssion of Recorder. 
so, In ISS recording service, upto 10 session can be available, 
In NVR side, upto 2 session is available. 
however, If a Client is using the recording session of NVR, 1 Person match service is available.

220 General Q. Does the MariaDB have to be on the same ISS IDLA service? 2021-11-04

No. Depending on your situation, you may want to Detach > Install on a different server. / However, since it is a cost issue, I would like to recommend installing it in the PM server as much as possible.

219 General Q. Does Recorded Footage mode require MariaDB at all? 2021-11-04

No, Recorded Footage mode does not use MariaDB

218 General Q. if ISS Person Match is not configured, does ISS IDLAs metadata/object search does not utilize MariaDB at all? 2021-11-04

Yes, if Person Match is not set, IDLA is not stored in MariaDB.

217 General Q. Are the object recognition accuracy of ISS Peron Match and IDLA the same? 2021-11-04

Both services are using the same VA Engine(called IDLE), there is no difference in recognition rate, and the specification is the same as upto 50 object simultaneous monitoring. However, note that the optimal performance is upto 16ch.

216 General Q. What is the ISS Person Match license policy? 2021-11-04

Person Match Service Licenses
The Video Analytics (IDLA) and Person Match Services use and share the ISS VA license. If you are already using the IDLA, the PM service is provided as a free upgrade. 

Even when adding multiple PM service in a single Admin Service, it is used as the total number of channels purchased.
As PM service is in Federation, the IDLA license for PM service should be included to Federation license, 
As PM service is in Admin, the IDLA license for PM service should be included to Admin license.

215 General Q. Can I use Person Match when using ISS Federation? Anything to watch out for? 2021-11-04

Person Match Service at Federation service
Person Match is also available in Federation service.
As mentioned above, when performing PM search, data traffic increases instantaneously because the PM service directly accesses multiple recorders or recording services to retrieve and analyze data.
In other words, it should be used in a space with sufficient bandwidth of the network. In other words, if you need to install PM service in the location where Federation is installed, it is necessary to review beforehand whether the network bandwidth and latency are sufficient.
However, when building a system, you need to understand the operation method and data flow in order to build it correctly. 
Case1: When FED (Federation) has a PM license
Case2: When ADM registered in FED has a PM license

Case1: When PM service is registered in FED
PM search can be done at ISS FED CLIENT. ISS FED CLIENT can perform PM search for all cameras.
However, if the network bandwidth between the recorder (ADM) and PM (FED) is insufficient due to the system structure, the search speed may be quite reduced, so please be careful.
For example, if the bandwidth between a bank's ATM and the monitoring center is very limited, it can be a problem when performing PM search.
In this case, Case2: When ADM registered in FED has a PM license.
In this case, Federation should have IDLA(PM) license.
As many as IDLA(PM) license applied, user can search the number of channel(IP camera)
Case2 : When ADM registered in FED has a PM license
As above, if the bandwidth between ATM and monitoring center is low, Case 1 is not appropriate.
In this case, while building PM service on the ATM side, it is built on site to secure sufficient bandwidth for VA.
Note: In this case, PM search cannot be run for the camera of ATM2.
For PM service, PM serivce must be installed in the admin service.
In this case, Federation dose not need to have IDLA license, but Admin license should have it.
(With above diagram, ATM2 site cannot use Person match service, because there is no Person match service installed)

214 General Q. Multiple Monitor video out off 2021-11-04

Q: I am monitoring real-time video over 144 channels by connecting 4 monitors with Intel i7 + Quadro P1000 (GPU) configuration.
By the way, up to the 2nd monitor is normal, but from the 3rd monitor, the video is cut off. Why is that and what should be done?


1) Intel i7 CPU
+) i7 CPU also has a grade, but the general i7 has 4 cores (Quad Core).
From a multimedia data processing point of view, this is an intermediate specification.
+) CPU selection is very important in real-time monitoring operation of more than 144 channels (cameras) in a configuration of 4 monitors.
2) Quadro P1000 GPU
+) The P1000 has the advantages of low power and easy multi-monitor configuration, but it is a low-spec GPU.
+) It is a better GPU than the GPU used in development, so it is difficult to conclude that the current information is the cause of the issue.

** Issue identification
+) If the CPU occupancy exceeds 90% and the phenomenon is reproduced, there is a high probability that it is a CPU issue.
+) CPU usage is less than 85%, but if the phenomenon is reproduced, there is a high probability that it is a GPU or MEM (out of memory) issue.
In addition to +), it is necessary to review the overall operating environment (OS / CPU / MEM / GPU / Device Driver / Etc)

** check item
1) Check camera stream settings and dynamic multi-stream control configuration
2) Check the camera stream encoding codec (H.264)
+) H.264 has much less decoding load than H.265.
+) It is recommended to use the H.264 codec for the stream used for multi-channel monitoring.
3) Activating camera settings intelligent codec
4) Default value is recommended for Client S/W setting (Preference - Video Enhancement)
+) In a low-end GPU environment, it is necessary to check the phenomenon depending on whether High-Quality Downscaling is used.

213 General Q. What is Recorded Footage mode in ISS Person Match ? 2021-11-04

This mode is almost the opposite of ‘Pre-Processed Footage mode’ in operation.
When PM service is executed, it directly accesses the recorder or Recording service, accesses the recorded data and performs analysis (IDLA).
Also, this mode can do PM search with any camera (the biggest difference from Pre-processed Footage mode)

Advantages :

‘Pre-Processed Footage mode’ costs a lot when building a service, but Recorded Footage mode doesn’t require IDLA VA service and MariaDB for pre-processed VA metadata like the above configuration. (In other words, the construction cost is lower than the Pre-Processed Footage mode.)
So, if the cost of H/W is burdened, you can use this mode.


212 General Q. What is Pre-Processed Footage in ISS Person Match? 2021-11-04

 Person Match / Pre-Processed Footage
Among those two modes, the one with the fastest search speed is Pre-Processed Footage. This function classifies objects in advance (pre-processing), stores them in a separate database server (MariaDB), and searches through PM service if necessary. It has the advantage of faster search speed compared to Recorded Footage mode.
Also, when PM service is running, it is good because the search session resource is not consumed because it connects to MariaDB instead of directly connecting to the recorder. Devices like NVR only have two search sessions, so if there are many users who use ISS playback at the same time, the search session of NVR full may occur and PM search of NVR may not be possible.
In summary, the advantages of Pre-Processed Footage are:
- Fast search speed
- It is suitable for the system environment that has the restriction of search session such as NVR or TVR.

However, this service also has its weakness.
- Increased cost: IDLA Server and MariaDB storage capacity are required because pre-processing is required using IDLA and DB is stored by building MariaDB. That incurs additional costs.
+ However, if you are a user who already uses IDLA, there is no cost issue. (You only need to add as much storage capacity as MariaDB)

- Restriction that only cameras analyzed through IDLA can be used:
+ Data analyzed in advance through IDLA are stored in MariaDB, and this data is used by PM service, so there is a limitation that only cameras analyzed through IDLA can be used. / There is a restriction that other cameras cannot use PM service.
  + But you have to think about this, there are some cameras all people must pass through. For example, building entrances, checkout counters.

Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the pros and cons of the function and introduce the most appropriate service to the customer.

211 General Q. What is the 'ISS Person Match' ? 2021-11-04

There is an IDIS Deep Learning Engine called IDLE, and using it, we are providing an IDIS VA(Video Analytics) technology called IDLA.
This time, we would like to introduce another VA technology called Person Match, which is a type of IDLA.

IDIS Person Match (hereinafter, PM) is a function that VA directly finds the person you are looking for.
If you find the person you are looking for in the video and run PM search, you can easily find out when and where the person is.
In the days without PM technology, security officers or police officers had to manually search through numerous CCTV footage for a very long time to solve a case. But now they don't have to.

This PM is a service belonging to ISS VA (IDLA), so IDLA license is used.
This also means that customers who already use IDLA can use PM service for free.

This IDIS PM service has two main modes.
- Person Match / Pre-Processed Footage
- Person Match / Recorded Footage mode